Saturday, August 29, 2015

Corporate mirage !


Everyone covets to be a part of the corporate world, some people even think that they have been destined for that. The word corporate sounds so cool and prestigious but once you get an opportunity to experience that life you get the true taste. Everything in this world has got two sides, the brighter side of the corporate world is that you get to know and understand people, you develop the ability to judge people and start abstaining from the practice of believing in fairy tales.
Why is the corporate world a mirage? It looks like the most beautiful thing in the world and something which you desire but the closer you get to it the harsher it gets, slowly you realize that you have been ignorant all this while and when you realize that, it gets too late. 

By the time you realize how late it is, your thirst increases and you are entrapped. Every human that you find in that world is like a tree, which is just a part of the mirage. Once you will be inside that world, there will be temptations to stop you and once you become the part of that miragical society you will no longer want to get out of it. 
Desire for anything ignites the fire within you to do anything, but be careful before you desire for something. Many people will treat this article as an ironical shit, but the truth is, there is always some truth in any kind of a story.

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...