Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gone are the GOLDEN DAYS !

February was the most dangerous month, we used to have our final exams then. Out of all the stresses, answering the question paper was the toughest job at that point of time. Tension was defined by homework and the names written in the discipline record copy by the monitors. Life had different forms of complexities even if it was so simple. We partied as soon as February was over, parties were different in those days. The best venue for party used to be the football stadium. We had no menu for the party, instead we used to play football for as long as we could. We could do anything for each other and for football. We were a clan.
We hated books but we couldn't even contain the excitement when time came to get new books and copies.The smell of the new books was something that no one could resist, covering the books and copies was the best job. Wearing the same old school dress and keds with small cracks was one hell of a style.That was the time when low-waist had started, but most of us had fat waists. Somehow we used to adjust our old trousers in such a way that it appeared to be a low-waist trouser.
That was the time when we did not know that 'change' is a very powerful ingredient of life which is abstract. Change was happening since then but we had not paid much heed to it.We were not able to grab hold of time rather we were not willing to as we were ignorant about the changes.
Today when you will recall those days, you will not cry but you will surely regret, you will surely wish to bring back those days.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

One man army !

This title very widely used by the Tollywood industry, but this is not a promotional blog of any Tollywood movie. Life is a collection of phases and most of us have to experience those. You come alone and you will have to depart alone, this universal truth is known by everyone be it a kid or a teenager. You are the leader of your life and you are the only one person responsible to rule it, the ultimate goal of life is to lead it properly. To do anything properly you don't need anybody's permission or company, all you need is a bag full of determination and faith.   

Life is unpredictable, all your plans might turn out to be futile and sometimes luck might lead you towards success. More unpredictable is the human nature, when it will swap sides, you will never ever know. One thing you should be sure about human nature is that you might be back stabbed anytime, so trusting a person blindly is strictly not encouraged. People will be ready to pull you down and hold you back. 

You have to keep only one thing in mind,"when no one is ready to go, you have to go solo", this is very famous extract,"JODI TOR DAAK SUUNE KEO NAA AASE, TOBE EKLA CHOLO RE", it is a very normal to get demotivated, and people will always try to demotivate you excluding a few and those few are not always around you. Now you have to decide whether you will search for that person in the midst of the people around you or be happy with yourself and your own confidence.

Once you decide to be happy, whatever the situation be, you will be equivalent to an army. All you have to do is be happy and remain happy whatever the situation be. A smile even in the toughest of times will bring discomfort to those who pray for your loss. One thing you should never do is ask for anybody's loss or pain.
Once you are free from any kind of expectation and emotion you will no longer complain about anything and nothing will affect you. You will be the master of your thoughts and all doors will be open for you. You will not need any key to unlock any kind of lock and no one will ever try to stop you. You will have to be least bothered about what one thinks and what one does behind you. This is the key ingredient to become a ONE MAN ARMY.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Learn to let go !

The more you try to hold on to a thing or a person, the more you are hurt.It is very much human to get attached, but to fall prey to that attachment is foolishness. It takes moments to get attached and then takes years to get out of that attachment. Everyone is not capable enough to get out of that temptation, but one has to. Life is a wonderful blessing and you should be privileged to have this. Life is a journey where the roads are not always national highways, small paths do come, sometimes ditches too, it does not mean that you will stop the journey. You ought to have a shock absorber in order to have a safe and sound journey, and once you will learn to let go, you will not be bothered by any shocks.
Of-course life is a journey but it is not a fairy tale, where you have long hairs to help you remain young forever or where you have a very big responsibility since you were gifted with a super power. Life is the ultimate reality and to let everything go is the sign of being content.

People will ask you, why did you build an empire if you had to let it go? What would you say? The question is really tough but not unanswerable. There is something called desire, it was his desire to build an empire and he has fulfilled that and he is very much happy with his fulfillment, but desires do change with time. Now he is tired and he desires to be free from all the materialistic attachments and that is when he will let everything go. 

Everyone is not able to fulfill the dreams, that does not mean that they will stop dreaming. At that time they will have to let go the feeling of hopelessness and move on. You never have the same aspirations for a lifetime, aspirations do change from time to time otherwise life would be very much mundane. 

Learn to let go and be happy, life will become very smooth.      

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Its none of anybody's business !

Whether you are successful or not, happy or not, should matter only to you and no one else. Only if you understand this will not help, you will have to teach it to others as well. If others are not worthy of the education that you intend to give them then its better not to be a dumbass . 
You will find millions of reasons to quit but you have to find that one reason to stand alone and strive towards success. Criticizing others is the official job of the jobless, it's better not to pay heed.
Find the artist inside you and hone that artist instead of concentrating on those who think themselves to be the, I know everything, type of persons.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Discipline is temporary !

Discipline is something which can not be spoon fed or taught, it is something which comes by itself. Discipline is reflected from the mannerisms or the manners of a person, the way a person dresses and by the way he/she talks with others. If anyone is willing to make you disciplined, he will have to do it by training you but it will not last long . 
You can be disciplined only when you make it your habit or when you make it a part of your routine. Discipline can be achieved by being strict as well but it will be of no use, that will be never lasting. It will last hardly for a day or two. Discipline achieved with the aid of strictness is like training a lion to sit. You can never force someone to be disciplined until and unless he or she is willing to be. 
Parents train their children in such a way that they seem to be disciplined and that kind of discipline is permanent which is a result of training given at home and that is something that matters.

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...