Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last day of 2014 !

Today is the last day of 2014 and might be the last day for many but does it really bother you or anyone else. People will continue to lead lives and years will keep on passing and changes will not cease to occur but has anything changed inside us, have we adapted for the good of others or just for ourselves. All of us should ask this question to ourselves, have we done something that has been for the good of others? 

I will keep on emphasizing upon this fact that we have been selfish and will remain selfish for the coming years until and unless I realize that we have actually changed. I know that it is not possible for me to change this world but if we start working together then we can surely do our bit.

May this coming year open the gates of opportunities and may every cloud have a silver lining.

Happy new year ! ! !

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Unity !

The word 'unity' is very small as compared to 'strength' but unity is the main reason of the existence of strength, in other words unity defines strength. Unity does not only exist between a few people but it also exists between the mind and the soul in case you are going to do something alone. Unity has formed the foundation of many generations and has been the secret behind countries achieving freedom. One can not measure the strength of unity nor can it be defined, it can only be felt and can be experienced.

The best example of unity around us is a colony of honey bees, a single colony has got thousands of honey bees and most of the times they don't harm anyone until and unless they are disturbed. We are afraid of honey bees and it is only possible because of their unity. If the colony is disturbed, all the bees get ready to find the reason of the disturbance and even they finish the reason of the disturbance. Somethings can be learned even from honey bees.

Unity is something which is on the verge of extinction as far as human beings are concerned, this is the main reason behind the existence of evil work forces like the taliban and isis. Everything is interrelated and everything is not, you only have to find a connection .

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nothing is a joke when it comes to any kind of achievement !

People always try to measure your achievements, officially or unofficially and most often they try to lower down the degree of your achievements. Should we care or should we not? Should we answer back or should we not? How long can anyone tolerate? Well there are hell lot of things that can happen in the midst of tolerating something and responding to something. Many wise people will suggest not to respond to what others are telling and continue the work, on the other hand restless people will start the action as soon as possible.
I would suggest not to be completely dead rather absorb all the comments and the criticisms and avoid answering back. The absorbed materials will form the fuel and ignite with such vigour that you will surely reach the top of the ladder without much difficulty. 
This will also not stop people from doing the same thing, but this time you really will not care at all. The main reason for all the trouble is that, they have never seen or had the taste of either success or failure, you have to be strong enough to face the failure in order to be successful. People, only because they don't want to or they can't think out of the box makes them afraid to take that risk and life without risk is like a mp4 file which can be controlled with the help of any media player. I don't wish to control my life rather do I wish it to be controlled by anyone else. 
Just begin the process of not caring by walking on your own and at your own speed without caring about how fast the other person is walking or how far has he reached, your goal and other person's goal can never be the same; it might be identical still some differences will always exist.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The richer you are, the more unsafe you are !

People covet to be very rich, the hunger to become rich is unending and so is the process of becoming rich. People just forget one thing and that is they are slowly losing themselves in that process, they lose their freedom and a sense of fear is installed in their minds. This does not apply on the rich people but also on the so called powerful people, the ministers and other such officers.
Last night while I was having a walk, I saw a bunch of cars going at the full speed with red lights and sirens, what was that all about, then I found out that that is just a routine drive of the M.L.A. of the town. How can so much fuel be wasted for just one minister? Four cars filled with men just to provide security to the so called M.L.A., has the minister done anything for the good of the town which can be compared to the amount of security he is getting, I think not. Well many will say that since he has got the post, he is privileged to get such facilities, I would not consider this to be a facility rather it could be compared to some sort of arrest where you don't have the freedom to go alone. What is the use of such a power which doesn't give you a feeling of being powerful, rather makes you afraid of losing your life at anytime and anyplace.
People hate to called martyrs now, since ministers fear the fact that they can be assassinated at anytime if they are not having security, well if they were supposed to be assassinated then they would have been, even if any kind of security was there. If security of  A-Z kind could have stopped assassinations then the world renowned assassinations would have never been written in the books of history, those are reality not drama. 
All I am saying is stop investing so much for the security of useless ministers, let them do their job without the fear of death.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high !

Only when your mind will be without fear your head will be held high, this world will always be ready to push you from heights which you will never expect. It is obvious to be afraid of anything or anyone but don't let that fear exploit you to that extent that you are no more capable of standing tall. Your fear will not only exploit you but your confidence, only to surpass the boundaries which you had created and then the fear will be so much mighty that it will be next to impossible to defeat it, keeping the head high will not even be an option.
A friend of mine had told me not to show a mirror to others' problems, rather try to find a way out, so here I am trying to give you a way out. The only way to be free is not to let parasites like fear breed inside you and break free from any kind of bindings. Typing the last sentence was easy but applying it practically is not that easy, one of the toughest nuts to crack.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Is happiness a dirt?

Happiness is a temporary abstract commodity which cannot be purchased until and unless it is chased. Happiness is like a temporary stain on your shirt which goes off after just a first wash, all happiness needs is a wash to be kicked out of life. It is ironical but true, you don’t want a stain on your favorite shirt but you want happiness in your life, you would wash your shirt to remove the stain but happiness goes out of your life without any effort, yet these are inter-related, rather I would call them to be oxymoron, “As dirty as happiness”.
Again I would recall the old theory, that is "Change is the only thing that is permanent", hence happiness can never last forever. At times you start hating happiness like a stain as you no longer trust the existence of happiness and you no longer covet to lead such a life which has something called happiness, as you are no more ignorant to the fact that all those are just hypothesis.

Friday, December 5, 2014

In the midst of a confusion ! ! !

When you are in the midst of a confusion, you  are literally fighting with yourself. Your thoughts get divided and you can't judge which one of you is right or wrong, your thoughts confuse you and you can't even trust your own thoughts. At that time all you need is a hand which will guide you to the right path and you will happily want to follow that hand without any queries as you are left with no more strength to fight yourself. If at the same time someone comes and adds a bit more to your confusion then you will want to take the hell out of that person.
Confusion is a parasite which resides inside you always and slowly kills you, it acts like a slow poison, you can not define confusion rather can it be categorized into classes.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exams ahead ! ! !

"Tomorrow is my exam, but I am not afraid as a single piece of paper can't decide my future." I hope you people know who has said this meaningful line, if you don't then search google.
No exam is bigger than the exam of life, as leading life itself is an exam and we should be privileged that we have got the opportunity to appear for it. If just a piece of paper will make you nervous then what will you in the arena of real life.
 If you are afraid of failing then it is best that you don't exist, just do your bit to get the best you can and I am sure that you will, being afraid will push you towards the group of failures, it is only when you realize that you too can do it, you will reach success and have a taste of success.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Decide or Suicide ! ! !

Decision making is the toughest job for a man as a human brain specially a man's brain is surrounded with thoughts which can make anybody unstable be it anyone but a man. A normal human brain has to go through loads of stresses which can not be measured neither digitally nor by any analog instrument. This situation of decision making being a tough job will never change but one thing can surely be done to change this and that is to be firm on any kind of decision.
Time has come when we have to make firm decisions about our life, as the high time will soon be over and at that time you will be left with no other option but to suicide.
If this time is also lost then, we will reach such a phase in which we will not even have the luck to happily give up and run, I am not telling or encouraging anyone to give up or die but the scenario around us is so much similar to what I can see makes me feel that giving up or dying would be a better option.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Should we trust our eyes more than our ears ?

Most often we come across situations in which we prefer to believe what we see rather than what we listen to. At times when rumors are spread, we don't bother to pay full attention to what the rumors actually mean as we are not ready to believe them completely rather we are not ready to believe our ears but at the same time if the same rumor is visible and is seen by us then the degree of trust will increase to a great extent.
For instance if something is happening in-front of you but is inaudible, your conscience will narrate the event to you and if someone else will try to narrate that to you, you will prefer not to believe him as you trust your eyes and conscience more than your ears and anyone or anything else.
Ironically your eyes are also not always correct, as what is visible to the naked eye is not actually happening.

Now, what would you prefer to be, blind or deaf, or remain both even if you have those senses up-to the mark.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Finding God ! ! !

If not everyone but most of us want to know God, knowing God is just a way to find peace and happiness but is it necessary to go to a special place to find God, special place like temple, mosque, church or gurudwara. You will never find God over there, you will only find hypocrites, you will find people who pose to be messengers of God but are they really what they pose to be, no one knows that, neither do they. 
You can only find God when you are looking inside your soul and are free from any kind of desire and expectation and once you are free from any kind of attachments you will come across God.
People who claim to be messengers are businessmen, and they have used our faith for their business. I will quote something from the movie, Oh MY God, "WE ARE NOT GOD LOVING PEOPLE, WE ARE GOD FEARING PEOPLE". Those people are using our fear against us and that is doing good for their business.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Endless Discussions ! ! !

Being human beings, we have both good and bad in ourselves and if we would have taken the responsibility to discuss and criticize about the endless negatives of a person then the discussion would have never ended and that  would result in the biggest discussion of this universe. If one starts discussing about the positives of a person then that would hardly take not more than two minutes and some would even love to quote,"no comments".
People don't have time to talk good about people, they just love to criticize people as if they have been licensed to do so since birth.
The first thing one should know is that he himself is not perfect and if that thing is properly understood by him then he will not dare to get into any kind of negative discussion about anyone else.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We are shameless ! ! !

Most often we commit the same mistakes and say sorry to others but do we really feel sorry or guilty for the mistakes that we have committed, no. We are never sorry and we will never be as there is one and only one solution to all our mistakes, a word called sorry. The word 'sorry' has made survival easy for most of the people, after saying sorry one forgets his mistakes and doesn't even have time to rectify himself, all he knows is that he has got a word to rescue him.
This sense of security makes us shameless and we are never ready to actually rectify ourselves and we don't even want to listen to someone who is actually correct and ready to help. We have reached the limit of being shameless and we have not yet realized it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Is it necessary to have a dialect ?

When you are having a mother tongue or a national language or a language in which you are comfortable at, is it necessary to have a dialect? I don't understand why people try so hard to become like someone else, when they can be the best when they are like their own self. People, just to prove that they belong to the same brotherhood, start speaking the same language rather dialect, but they don't realize that they have been loosing the originality in them as soon as they try hard to become like the others. Moreover if you wish to follow someone you can do that, even you can get inspired by someone but it is not at all necessary to always form a trade mark for a profession or a course. For instance, engineering graduates in West Bengal use such a language which easily indicates that they are from engineering back-ground. This is not at-all against the engineers of West Bengal or any other state or country, rather it has got nothing to do with engineers or doctors but it is against this fashion, this trend.   

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Limitless is the height of success ! ! !

Can anyone ever say that one has reached the top of the ladder of success? The answer will surely be no and will always be a no. This is not only my opinion but the opinion of millions around us, as everyone is hungry for this food called success and thirsty for success and thirst can never be quenched. The more successful a person becomes, the more he involves himself into a competition and this competition is never ending as he is the one chasing himself and defeating himself again and again. This hunger is very much necessary for a person to be successful, as that hunger becomes the fuel for the engine of life and helps to continue the never ending journey.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Is there anything called perfect ! ! !

Is there anything called a perfect start? Is there anything perfect at all? Well for you something might be perfect but for some one else the same thing will be the other way round. To start something you can't wait for a proper beginning rather you have to make any beginning equivalent to perfect and carry on with the job.
If perfection was supposed to be the first step of the ladder then nobody would reach the top of it rather nobody would want to reach the top of the ladder.
Perfection can't be achieved at a blink of an eye rather one has to work hard to achieve it and what if one is not perfect, it is not mandatory at all that everyone has to be perfect in this breathing earth. You can survive without being perfect but coveting to become perfect is not bad too.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thinking out of the box ! ! !

Everyone has got an opinion of their own and a method of thinking but a time comes when all the thinking and opinion runs on the same track, that is the time when one has to decide what to do for a living. Almost everyone starts and ends up on the same view, a government job and making loads of savings and if possible a trip every year, but is that the life you had been dreaming all your life, a mundane life and nothing else.
That is the time when you have to think out of the box, not because you are not getting a job but because you don't want to do it. You have to decide whether you want to lead a life different from others or follow the same life-style as others'. 
Now, who will take care of your parents? You will only take care of your parents but not by leading a mundane life, but by doing something you love to do and when you are happy, you will make your parents happy too. 
This is something which I had written earlier also but in a different manner. This is something that concerns you and your family and not anyone else.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We are entrapped ! ! !

Since the day we were born, we had been put inside a large chakravyu (as in MAHAVARATA), and we had never been taught how to get out of it. Our life
metaphorically symbolizes chaos and confusion. We are tied to many endless knots which are actually invisible to the naked eye, those can only be seen by the eyes of conscience. Sometimes we are tied with the knot of love and sometimes with money. Desire is the thread that creates the knots. You can not get hold of desire, as if you would do that then you would have reached the ultimate goal of anybody's life. Reaching the ultimate goal is not impossible but that amount of patience is lacking in anybody. We have been literally entrapped in the web of desire. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Journey begins now ! ! !

So far I was searching for nothing but now I have got a goal to fulfill, a dream to make true and an aim to conquer and that is to find myself. If you are able to find your own-self out of all the odds, that would be something which you have accomplished so far. The moment you decide to find yourself, you have marked the beginning of your journey and that is going to be the ultimate journey. I too was ignorant about this but as I started reading "Siddhartha", I discovered something and that was really awesome, if you will find the real you or even if you are on that path then you don't need to find anything else in this world. The relief that you will experience will be something that you had never ever come across. Peace will be in abundance and you would be surrounded by serenity and calmness. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Being mundane and getting out of it ! ! !

There comes a time in everybody's life when everything seems boring and mundane, joy resembles the last drop of water in the midst of a desert and you become a lost traveler. You find it the toughest of the chores to find a way out and just when you are almost about to give up, a second thought should be born and that should be the silver lining. If MUNDANE is all that is left with you and it is what you think everything will be around you, then better make it your attitude, be boring and be proud of it. Let everything be mundane and boring and when your mind will get saturated with that feeling then you will finally get out of it and you will find a way out. As you will find a way out you will realize that mundane and boring was a better you.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Help you help everyone else !

This world has grown into a parasitic place and people are turning out to be unbelievably selfish most of the times. Parasite is something that depends on something else for survival and does not give anything in return. Well if we think deeply then we are no less than parasites, we are there only for our needs and once it is over, we just vanish. It was always supposed to be a give and take but now it has only been take and take, the concept of giving has become extinct. Slowly this world s becoming a small place to live in where people think only about themselves. Now many people will say that how can one put everyone under the same category, well no one can deny this fact neither can anyone say that he has never done anything that would not resemble selfishness.   

Monday, November 3, 2014

Helping the needy !

Do you want to do something for the society and its development and help others? Then you are free to do it and you don't need anybody's permission before doing that ideal job. On your way of doing what you feel like, you will get many people and of many types. Optimism is one such ism which you will have to have in plenty as you will be surrounded by pessimists. Many will suggest you to take the help of someone powerful, but do you really think that one who will not understand your intention will be able to help you.
Neither you need anybody's permission nor anybody's support to help others, the only thing that you have to be is a person of will and should be able enough to invest yourself without taking the help of others. If anyone is willingly wanting to help you, you must not stop them as they too have the same intention and they are not doing any favor, they are just using you as a medium to help others.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

When do you want to fulfill your dreams ?

We are humans and we ought to have dreams, otherwise our lives are useless. The question is,"When are you going to fulfill those?" You will be thinking that it is not even the beginning of our lives so why waste time on dreaming, rather work hard on the present. You are not wrong but you are not completely right, working on your dream and thinking upon it is never a waste of time. If you are going to lead an ideal life and trying to make the phrase correct, "life begins at forty", then better forget about your dreams. Who in this world knows that he is going to cross the forty mark and then he will be fit and fine enough to turn his dreams into reality. It is now or never, it is never too early to start rather sometimes it can be too late and you will realize it when you will be on the death bed. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What are you from inside?

It is really hard to know yourself when there are so many things you are up to. You do not get the opportunity to discover yourself when you indulge yourself into so many activities and if you don't indulge you will not be able to find out what you are actually capable of doing. Either way you are into a big trouble, the largeness of the trouble will be known by the amount of time you are spending on thinking about it. The best part is if you start indulging yourselves into various activities, you will lose time, but you will get to know your abilities. What you are actually from inside can't be reflected outside as the ones who are seeing you, don't have the same level of maturity. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Don't allow change to overpower you !

I have always mentioned that change is the only thing that is permanent but one thing should always be kept in mind that, "I am someone and I will not change that someone from within". One should change and allow change to happen around him but he should never forget what he was as that would be hypocrisy. Change helps you to compare yourself with no one but you, but if you forget what you were; then that comparison is simply impossible and there change loses it's existence and everything becomes mundane again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hostel !


Life is like a canvas which is gradually filled with various colors with the passage of time, our growing age makes beautiful paintings on the canvas of life and the respective stages of life fill the colors in those paintings. Hostel life is one such stage, which can be either miserable or filled with fun, depending on the time and the place in which that stage began in your life. I know a person who has been through this and has seen the extreme ups and downs of hostel life. Raju had been admitted to one such hostel when he was just eight and was far away from home, which was the very first time that he had been so far from home. He hardly knew what he had to do to survive in that kind of environment and he had no one there to help him. Adapting to new people and a completely new place like Agra and learning their accent were the biggest barriers which he had passed easily but hard times were yet to come. Extreme level of torture was waiting for him and he was ignorant about that. He loved to live in the present and hardly cared for the future, there are very less kids who are of eight and start planning their future but it was that time when torture dawned on him and he was really very worried. He was beaten up by some bullies; he was helpless and could not even complain as he was threatened. He was a victim of ragging that too of extreme level, he was ragged physically. He was so weak that he was not even able to defend himself, he was looted all the time, all his pocket money was snatched and his food too. He could not tell anything to his parents as they would not ask about it and he would go home only twice a year. He always remained afraid and panicked from inside and prayed for the end of that life and asked for strength. Soon after the death of his grandfather his father decided not to educate him in that residential school and that marked the end of his early hostel life and all the torture that he had to face.
So this was one color of hostel life which is completely red as far as Raju is concerned and after reading that most of the parents would not love to send their children to hostels. This does not mean that hostels are bad, only the situations are wrong and the people too. But today if you ask Raju about his hostel life experience he will tell you something else as his worst memories are replaced by some beautiful memories and experiences at his college hostel.
Raju is studying Civil Engineering from a college under a state university in India which is a very different place from Agra and Raju was 19 when he had entered the hostel room this time. Unlike most of them Raju was experienced as far as hostel was concerned, he used that to his advantage and that helped him a lot. It hardly took moments to become comfortable with the pupils out there. He was the superstar out there, he was everybody’s friend and hardly hesitated to do anything, of course the good things and was there for anybody’s help. It seemed as if hostel was his home. First year of any under graduate is normally filled with an unwanted fear of ragging but this was not the situation for Raju, he was ready for anything as nothing can be worse than what he had been through. It was like a fairytale for him, as everything was perfect but nothing stays perfect and as I always say change is the only thing that is permanent. Situations changed in a blink of an eye for Raju as he had thought that situations would remain the same for him but it can never be possible. In his second year, he met with an accident and when he returned to his hostel after a month or two, situations were completely different. There were groups everywhere; unity was just a word by then as everyone was busy managing groups. Raju could see the upcoming politicians of the hostel, but that still did not concern him as he thought that things could still remain the same for him but it was not that easy. Politics was hovering around the hostel and inside it too. It was really chaotic out there; still he was enjoying the hostel life. One thing that reduced all the tension was the fun they had and they were thirsty for fun all the time, which was something that united all the groups. Everyone out there was pretending and no one was ignorant about that and no one was ashamed about it too. Still that made him happy that he was staying in that kind of hostel where fun was the USP.
Raju is in third year now and is striving to fight all the politics around him but he does not miss out on the opportunities of making the most of the happy moments. He doesn’t know what is there for him when he graduates and is ready to make his future bright.         

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hostel - A tale to share ..........................

Just when I was almost out of topics, a friend told me to write about hostel. Most of us have been a part of a hostel and for those who have not yet been to any hostel, they have missed out some of the best adventures........ More of it is to come now as I will be sharing with you some of my best and the worst experiences in the form of  a story............ Just hold on and if you wish you can also share your stories....

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Suvo maha dasami to everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet another Durga Pujo comes to an end, don't know how many more Durga Pujo's are left but will surely try to celebrate every Durga Pujo in a better manner. May we all be blessed with conscience and may we all find the right paths and move in the right direction.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Do it for fun and do it alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just love whatever you are trying to do, do it for yourself not for showing off. If you try to catch others' eye balls, you will be getting into trouble as you will have to face more expectations and criticisms. If you are going to do something out of the box you will automatically seek attention but you must not get demotivated by all the criticisms as those who have got all the time in the world, are always there to criticize, it hardly matters to them who remain busy. If you are able to conquer some place by doing something new then be sure that those who have got no time, they will find time to congratulate you. Just do your thing and don't pay heed to what others are saying...................

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hokkolorob Jadavpur !!!!!!!!

Let the commencement of Devi Paksha bring justice and let the echoing voice oj Jaago maa awaken Maa and remove the inequality hovering around us. Let this struggle bring changes around us and help us make a better place to thrive. Suvo Mahalaya to all and may we also remain awake and witness the upcoming changes as the winds of change have already started to blow..................

Sunday, September 21, 2014

God did not create us, we created god !!!!!!!

Undoubtedly scientists have found out about our past with the help of fossils and other such evidences but they could not prove the existence of god. There has always been a rift between God and science, although it has been man made, science has nothing to do with this rift and neither does God have to do anything with it. The most important question is who created god, everything was created somewhere or the other but when and by whom was god created. Lets limit this discussion only within the hindu mythology, can anyone tell who created so many gods? I have a very simple theory, rather this is a theory of my friend. Earlier people used to worship the elements only, a group of people who were more clever than the other faction washed everybody's brain and created god. They said they will have to worship the gods and they were their messengers, so they will have to worship them too, in that way they started doing business. Not all people were businessmen like them, as if it was so the world would not be like this today. Great people like Prophet Mohammed, Guru Gobind Singh, Jesus Christ, Swami Vivekananda and many more, they spent their whole life preaching values for a good life, they also represented various religions but they never made money out of it. I would quote something from the movie OH MY GOD, "This world has got god fearing people, not god loving people", this is the reason some bastards are making money in the name of god. You fall prey to their cleverness and they take advantage of your miseries and they are turning into millionaires. This is a message to god, if you exist then please stop these bastards from making business using your name.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Don't let this fire extinguish !!!!!!!!!!!!

This spark which has ignited our brains must turn into a wild fire and burn all those who are responsible for this mishap and it should be written and recorded in the books. This movement should not be stopped until and unless a healthy result is achieved. We should not fall prey to the diplomatic answers of the higher authorities. We form the better section of the society and the future of the country depends on us, so we have got all the rights to fight for justice and we deserve it. No external force can stop us, violence will not be the weapon rather we will seek justice with nonviolence. They will surely try to calm things down, we must not relax.........................

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It was an eye opener and now its high time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier yesterday I had a chat with a friend about the present scenario and we reached to a very grave conclusion. The present condition is nothing but a result of politics and the political parties in power. I have a proposal to make and as I always say change is the only thing that is permanent, this is going to change everything. What if we do not have parties which are being supported by national level political parties in the government colleges? I mean to say that, there should not be any connection between the national level political parties and the college parties, college authorities should work on it and make parties in the form of student councils. We used to have student councillors in our schools and they also aided in the management of the school and helped if there was any problem. Why can't we do it in colleges? The power which the students have, is limitless and far from the eye sight of the illiterate politicians, most of them. This is the time that we unite and make efforts to let this change happen. Its really high time and we should not wait for another opportunity as this is a golden one. I think that no one will disagree with me on this. Please open your eyes and try to see what I am seeing..... Please its an appeal...........

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Country is going to dogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is all chaotic out there, wherever you see you will find something messy. It has become a dirty web and we have all been entrapped. Students are being man-handled by the police and beaten up with lathis, girls are raped and there police is not doing anything. Police is taking action against students who are fighting for their rights. Its all gone off balance. Something should be done and should be done soon enough to stop this crisis. If no one is listening then we ought to make them hear, if they want to hear loud then we will shout and if want something even tougher, we will give them that. "A pen is mightier than a sword", we should keep that in mind, we are with you and I will keep on writing as we are a fraternity and we should stand together and we will. If they are going to bring back the 60's and the 70's then we will also show them that we too belong to the same race and we will not give up.

Addiction and Attachment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you prefer? Attachment is like suicide and addiction is like slow poison, both are not good for you. To make life complete you need neither of them but still people become victims of either of them. Attachment, be it good or bad, is harmful for health but addiction can be good. It is a misconception, rather the word addiction has made a bad reputation. If you are addicted to reading books or so, you are not doing any harm to you or anyone else. I choose to be addicted rather than being attached to anything or anyone and I know what is not good for me and I don't consider anyone to judge what I am doing in my life,
as I am going to be the master of my life.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Do what you love as the worst that can happen is your death !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is what you make it, it might be very large or it might be as small as a rat hole. It is not necessary that you will have to follow the stream and move, rather if you wish you can also go against the stream. Live everyday as if it is your last and remove the fear of death from your heart and soul. Once you are not afraid of death, you will not be afraid of anything in this world. One has to keep only one thing in mind and that is there is nothing beyond death, only then one can follow any path and go beyond all the limits knowing all the risks of life, as death will not bother him. He will not live a coward's life rather he will live life to the fullest. This might turn a man into a monster, as there will be excessive adrenaline rush but at that time conscience will come into play and the right person will never take the wrong foot forward. If a monster is born, no monster is more powerful than time, time will take care of that monster.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

How can you choose the right path ??????????????

Just imagine yourself in a situation when you have got four paths, rather options before you and you have got loads of time to linger. Will you waste all the time or will you wait for a silver-lining to help you out ? If you are lucky enough then God might send you his messenger to help you but it is no fairy tale my dear friend. If you are expecting that suddenly sun will dawn upon the right street, most probably you are good at animation then. How can one be so pessimistic? You might be thinking that, but I am not being a pessimist, I am just a realist. You have to blindly believe your confidence and step forward and in case it becomes too difficult to choose then no need to follow any of the paths, just make you own way and let others follow it. The world will discourage you, will even try to stop you but you can't be stranded by them.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Whom to trust and whom not to ?????????????????

Trust is the most important factor as far as a relationship is concerned, be it any form of relationship. Trust comes from heart but as soon as the mind starts playing its role, everything gradually becomes vague. One should always keep in mind that there is always more than one aspect in an event, the doer’s aspect and the spectator’s aspect; it might sometimes match while it might clash too. When you start thinking from your heart you become blind but it does not mean that you will always be right when you are using your brain. Building trust takes years but to eliminate trust for someone it takes a moment, beware to use the right medium (brain or heart) at the right time. Now as far as the question is concerned, mistakes are made by humans only, so you will be learning it gradually. It does not give you the liberty to commit the same mistakes again……………… Always try to choose the right person for you…….. may you be blessed with that quality

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...