Thursday, January 29, 2015

High Time it is !

 I have tried a lot of things to bring to light all those matters which people prefer not to discuss or pay heed to but I think I have failed  as everyone is busy, no one have got time to ponder upon those things as it is just impossible to be away from those things. I am not Bapu or a member of the Avengers that I will take a stand and save earth and the mankind from a very big disaster. 

It is now high time. While I was traveling I observed one thing and that was, most of the couple is middle aged now and is having a kid. In most cases both husband and wife are employed and are regular users of smart-phones and hence are very well familiar with internet. So we are no more orthodox, we have to just improve and mend ourselves. Today youth has got the power and once the youth decides anything, that thing is ought to be done.  Most part is done; we have to just take care of the moral science now and then people will no more want to go to the heavens.  
Mahatma had always urged the people to be the change they want to see and so do I urge all the runners of this world to be the change they wish to see and make this world a better place to survive, otherwise survival is not going to be easy. No-one is a true fortune teller or a soothsayer but the present scenario indicates what is going to happen in the coming future.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Controversy or Creativity ?

Everyone wants to be famous, no one wants to lead a life of an underdog. Even dogs would want to be famous like Laika and Hachiko if they had a functioning brain like us. If anyone would deny this fact then there is no better hypocrite. Being famous and not being famous can never be the same things and equality can never be achieved as far as that is concerned. If you had a hidden desire to be famous then you will always want to be famous.

People choose to be famous in various ways, many people prefer the short-cuts as they are afraid of the hardships they have to face. Showing your creativity to the people is the best way to express yourselves and become famous. How can one become famous by showing off the creativity? The answer is very simple, the more creative you are the more famous you are and more people would appreciate your work but there is always a question hidden in the simple answers. How will you measure your creativity? Is there any device to measure your creativity or is there any proper way to measure it? No, no such device has been invented or discovered which can do that task. How will you get to know about your level of creativity? You can never know it as people don't have time to evaluate your level of creativity and then write that to you, people are far less busy than what they actually portray to be, you can not change them and why shall they change for you? You don't pay them. It is only you who has to understand your own improvement and you can never flatter your-own self.
Being creative is not the cup of tea of every human being, so most of the people choose to get in the midst of controversies and get the spot-light. It is by far the easiest way to be famous and is very well used by the politicians and the actors who are not getting break.

You have to either find out the creative you or the politician or the actor in you. Then the choice will become very easy and fame will be at your door-step.      

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Something new !

You have criticized a-lot, now it is high time. It is now time to seize to criticize and do the thing which can be called new. You will be the definition of new and you don't have to bother about anybody's attention or criticism, just do the thing called new. What is new? Are you new? The extreme old can be the new or the completely unknown, new can not be defined. 
New is the process called metamorphosis, it is process of change. Changing the unknown into the known or making the known unknown. New are you when you decide to change yourself completely. 

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...