Friends or Foes

How do you define friends and foes or how do you differentiate between friends and foes? It is most obvious that you will say that those who help you at the time of your need are your friends while those who don't they are your foes, if it could be that very simple then you would easily list out your friends and foes and your best friends and best foes. Ironically it is not so very simple that is why when someone asks you who is your best friend you get a little bit confused and are unable to answer instantly. You are actually not sure whether your friend will remain your friend forever rather your friend thinks about you the same way as you think about him. There is a term which we all are familiar with that is "true" and when it is added to the words friends and foes the importance of the word "true" increases a lot. Have you ever come across true friends or true foes?

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