Change is around us, can't you feel that?????

Well if not around the world but change can be felt in India and that too in the capital. Engineers are coming up to rule the national capital. As I had mentioned earlier only that change is the only thing that is permanent, well then this proves it. its time for us to change and get up and do what is right and fight for the right and our rights. Can't we at-least even try to do that. You people may think why to create an unwanted fuss about a change but we ca't continue what is going on. The complete system is useless be it the education system be it any other system. The present scenario has become very transparent to all, you study whatever you wish to study but you can't get the job you wish to get, for that either you have to have connections or the money. Well all can't study in the IITs or any other such prime institute. It requires high level of IQ and talent and all don't possess such talents and we don't have to be ashamed about that. What will we all do? 

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