Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dedicated to the graduates and would be graduates !

"Time and tide wait for none," so why shall you waste it, pondering upon thoughts like settling up. Just because your father could not achieve success at the right time, or he could not become what he wanted, does not put you in a position to give up everything and put a guard beside your eyes and run behind money. You are not a race horse. There is no hurry.
One can't give up everything and become a workaholic at this tender age, isn't twenty four tender? I will not give up everything, you can call me selfish. I will not blame you for that. There is a lot to see and learn from those things. One can't devote twelve hours everyday just to earn 25k or whatever a company will provide at the end of the month. Twelve hours multiplied by the number of working days in a month is worth much more than what a firm would provide you, more over that time is priceless. Many witty people and the so called grey haired people will say, you can still enjoy life while you are working, frankly speaking they have completely mistaken to define 'enjoy', neither can a booze and a fag define the term 'enjoy', it all depends on you. You can't force your opinion on anyone. Likewise people don't have that right to force their opinion on you.
You were brought up very carefully, given a very proper education and now you are a graduate. Your parents have the right to expect. They have not wronged in expecting anything from you, it is a very minute thing compared to what have actually done for you and sacrificed for you. But if they could wait for 24 years, what is the harm in waiting for another couple of years. Let their kids think upon and judge what is good for them. Two years is not a big deal, it will pass on in a blink of an eye, but my dear friends and reader those 730 days will be the longest and the heaviest for you.
People need time to think upon, to ponder and to contemplate in order to start something new. What if someone has started something new and started very happily and then suddenly after few months he realizes that he had started off in a wrong foot and it was a completely hasty decision. Wont that put your parents also in a wrong position?
Time will not wait for you, but my friend keep in mind one thing that you might have odd fifty or sixty years in your account, so it is better to keep in mind how do you want to spend it. Whether you want to spend it cursing yourself in the later years about your mistakes or you want to enjoy it cherishing the lessons you had learnt from the mistakes. How ironical it is! You will never be right, some mistakes might bring you loads of fun, others might kill you from inside.

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...