Cover is just a disguise !

The phrase, "one can not judge a book by it's cover," will always be true and it is not only applicable to books and novels, it applies to a human being as well. One can never read faces and tell everything about a particular being be it a human or any other being. A person should be naive enough to express himself  or herself on the very first day, knowing someone and letting the conscience do the task of making perceptions requires time and change also depends on time; by the time you would be sure enough that you have known someone that person might have changed but the outlook would have remained the same, isn't it? This is the only role of the cover, which acts as a disguise. A smile, a drop of tear,a grin is all it takes to create a cover,

One day you land up on a completely unknown place where all you can see is unknown people and you don't have an idea of what to do. You reach your workplace and you find someone who turns out to be a good friend of your's, without paying much heed you too get carried away. Wouldn't you ask a question to yourself," how can someone be so friendly with me without even knowing me?" As I always mention, change is the only thing permanent and time is it's fuel, as time passed you too enjoy the company of that person and you forget to use your conscience. After few days you realize that you were just a pawn and you didn't even allow your conscience to read the book, you just went by the cover. once it used to be.'bhai- bhai' and now it was,'bye-bye'. That is the time when you realize that you had committed a very big mistake only by going by the cover as it did not take more than a month to change from, "bhai- bhai to bye-bye".   

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