Nature !

There is so much equality in nature that even when wind blows you will not notice even a pinch of partiality in it. The trees decide whether the leaves will wave or not, each and every leaf gets the taste of the wind, sunlight is also distributed equally, for those leaves which don’t get the light they might blame their fate, on the other hand those leaves are blessed with something new. Adaptation is the biggest blessing of any living organism, be it a tree or a human being. In places where there is a possibility of lesser sunlight, trees are taller so that they can get enough sunlight for photosynthesis while in places where there is less water you will find cactus. Adaptation happens with necessity; this is what we humans don’t understand. Adaptation, evolution and survival are all interrelated. We, despite being so much evolved and developed, don’t understand the laws of nature. Nature teaches us the laws of distribution and equality. For past thousands of years we have learnt nothing and hence inequality prevails. If we start following the laws of equality of the nature then one day we as an unit will become as beautiful as our mother earth.  

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