Sunday, June 18, 2017

Name !

"What is your name boy?" The old man asked, but the boy did not want to respond and that increased the level of curiosity in the aged man. The grey haired man somehow collected all his will to go near him and approach one more time, he did not ask the same question. This time he said," ok! if you are not willing to tell me your name, no issues, do you mind if I go with you?" Finally, the boy got irritated and said,"I have no name and I do not want any company." The old man smiled and said, " son I do understand that you are disturbed right now and you want to be alone but people after spending sometime with me do feel relieved." 

The angry young boy with a frown on his face," Can I just stay alone for sometime! As soon as the bus comes, I will board it and leave, now you can leave!" The old man chuckled and said that everyone in this viscinity knows that no buses pass through this lane and it has been more than a year now. Okay! I lose said the boy and my name is Alpha. So nice to finally meet you Alpha said the old man. Call it coincidence or anything, my name is Omega, the old man introduced himself.

Alpha : I do not believe in coincidence but yes you are quiet irritating. I needed sometime to ponder and now you have jumped up to this place.

Omega: I might help you in connecting the dots.

Alpha: How can you respond in such a manner as if you can read my mind? Are you some kind of a supernatural being?

Omega: No son, it is just the grey hair that is doing the talking. I have observed and seen things. Let me guess why you are here! Must be because of the hardships of life and now that you are so exhausted, you wanted a break.

Alpha: Yes.

Omega: You want to go away, so far, that no one can find you and you do not have to be the same roddent of this experiment of life.

Alpha: Exactly!

Alpha: But how can you say it so easily! Am I  so transparent that you can read my mind so easily?

Omega: You do not have to be transparent to be understood. This is the same story for everyone, everyone is going through something or the other. That does not mean that all of them will have to run somewhere. If that was so then that somewhere would become similar to this place. I was not clear, was I?

Alpha: No!

Omega: Take an example of a tourist destination. People, not just a few but many, visit hill stations for vacations. What if, instead of vacation they completely shift to the hill stations, wouldn't it degrade the beauty of the hills for themselves.

Alpha: Now I understand.

Omega: You can choose to take a break but do not ever make a mistake of giving up. Think that you are strong enough.

Son! Son! Called an old man. The young boy was completely taken by soliloquy and then suddenly he realised that someone is calling him. He was a changed man now, that small moment turned him from a boy. He was now gentle in his approach. "When does a bus pass by?" Asked the old man. "Buses don't go from this lane sir,I will take you to the correct bus stop," boy explained the old man.

The boy now realized that he was talking to his conscience and now that he has understood the meaning, he will no longer need to go to that lane again. 

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...