Friday, May 23, 2014

Second short story of my collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                      Saving love!!!
Engineering and Commerce have a different kind of relation and when students of those streams come together they just make a blast. It is a story of an engineering student loving a graduate badly and madly. They loved each other unconditionally but as always, life without problems is never adventurous, so this was more of an adventure than a love story.
They came in a relationship by Fb's grace, facebook is more like a god now for many, although they were classmates since childhood.They started knowing each other and loving each other. Slowly it became as if they could not stay without each other even after being more than 300kms apart, since the boy was studying in one part of the state and the girl was studying in the other part of the state.They knew everything about their past and their family and after a virtual agreement they completely fell for each other.
The boy had never loved anyone so much ever, every-time he had loved someone he was hurt, this was the only thing that was common between them. But to everybody's surprise she had only left him once for someone else.
Somewhere somehow that was the reason for the girl to love him again, might be just to rectify herself but she did not know that she would also start loving him so much.
The boy had loved her from the very begining and was ready to do anything or sacrificing anything for her.
He had to go through loads of pain in the process of loving her but he did not give up loving her.she always used to talk about her ex-boyfriends and her lovers, no-one would tolerate that but he did, he kept on loving her.He thought that if he would love her blindly then she might forget her past and submit herself completely to him. He was correct but he had no idea of what he had to go through.
He slowly became mentally ill, all he knew was her ex-boyfriends and her lovers.
He was so much engrossed in those thoughts that he forgot everything else, suddenly he met with an accident. Instead of being helpful she proved to be the reason of pain for him. Whenever he used to call him and ask "Ki korcho?", she used to say "kichuna", but she used to be online and chat with her ex-boyfriend and her lovers.
After he recovered from the accident he decided to rebuilt the old him and not to fall prey of that pain anymore. So he started being angry and rude.He would not listen to anything or anyone. She would have to do what he would say otherwise he would shout. He would abuse her and her ex-boyfriends and lovers a-lot. He would no-more listen to her sad stories. He had even made her to deactivate her facebook account.
She would cry, cry a-lot. Most of the times she was hurt and cried. He then realised that he had made a big mistake. He realised that he had changed completely, he was no-more a good person. So he decided to do something to save his love. He had a plan and if it would be successful then it would bring back everything to normal again.
He decided to act on the plan. He told her to open a facebook account and made a fake facebook account for himself. He knew whatever she liked and whatever she disliked so he played very cleverly. Slowly she started spending more time on fb and avoiding him.
She was crying no more. There were no-more fights. She started liking the fake person whom she thought was someone else. Slowly she had stopped talking with her boyfriend.
He was slowly relieved of the feeling of guilt, this was just the begining of the plan. The fb friend decided to meet her, after a little bit of hesitation she agreed. She had no idea of what was going to happen.

She went to the proposed place and waited for a long time. Suddenly her boyfriend called and asked"Where are you?", after a moment of silence she said that she was at home, she did not know that she would be caught. He appeared before her and the usual things happened again, there was a fight again, she told that she had come to meet someone. This was the chance, he broke up. That was a part of the plan. She was hurt but not very intensely, she continued chatting with that person.
They came closer and closer, they used to chat for long hours. That was the correct time to put the plan to an end. He decided to disclose the truth and finally said it. In a very abrupt manner he said that he was her ex-boyfriend. She was just shocked. He then explained everything to her, he said that he had done all that just to save their love.
This made her realise the importance of their relation.

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...