Life Happens !

You always try to do something with your life but have you ever tried to add a meaning to your life. Life is a blank white paper, all you have to do is write something. You are the designer of your own destiny and once you get to know that you will no longer be weeping for the hardships of your life. If something wrong is happening in your life then you better be sure that whatever is happening is not a part of your design. After all the things you have tried and done, if the design does not work then no need to worry as there must be something, a surprise most probably, waiting for you to rejoice. If nothing goes well, is there any use weeping around and announcing about that, will that help? Your excellence in designing life will never be able to give you the confidence that everything will be alright. However good you are at something, you will never be able to make things the way you want to make them.
Life happens, and whatever happens, happens for a reason. Instead of weeping for the things we can't change we should try to find a reason to move on.

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