Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gone are the GOLDEN DAYS !

February was the most dangerous month, we used to have our final exams then. Out of all the stresses, answering the question paper was the toughest job at that point of time. Tension was defined by homework and the names written in the discipline record copy by the monitors. Life had different forms of complexities even if it was so simple. We partied as soon as February was over, parties were different in those days. The best venue for party used to be the football stadium. We had no menu for the party, instead we used to play football for as long as we could. We could do anything for each other and for football. We were a clan.
We hated books but we couldn't even contain the excitement when time came to get new books and copies.The smell of the new books was something that no one could resist, covering the books and copies was the best job. Wearing the same old school dress and keds with small cracks was one hell of a style.That was the time when low-waist had started, but most of us had fat waists. Somehow we used to adjust our old trousers in such a way that it appeared to be a low-waist trouser.
That was the time when we did not know that 'change' is a very powerful ingredient of life which is abstract. Change was happening since then but we had not paid much heed to it.We were not able to grab hold of time rather we were not willing to as we were ignorant about the changes.
Today when you will recall those days, you will not cry but you will surely regret, you will surely wish to bring back those days.

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...