Be silly not shy !

The most important thing that is missing now a days is a small smile on the faces around you, laughter can only be heard in the laughter therapy classes. Stress has taken over everything, the shares of optimism are losing their value in the stock market of mankind. If you are searching for answers, be it any, you can surely try to help reduce the stress around you just by spreading happiness. How will that provide answers to your question? It will not, but it would in the process give you a sense of satisfaction and your stress will be reduced too.
If you are humble enough and practice gratitude and sometimes if you act silly as well, people around you will surely feel good. They will get an opportunity to laugh out loud and if being silly makes you an hypocrite then you can be hypocrite for the rest of your life for the betterment of the society. If you choose to be shy, you will end up being an introvert and you will remain a spectator to the events of the society, until and unless you change your mind. 

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