Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Opinion !

We are all unique and the most important thing that determines our uniqueness is our ability to have an opinion about anything or everything. This is what makes us non identical, our conscience, sub-conscious and our IQ determines our opinion. Opinion or opinions might be same but the most important factor is having one, some might be blatant enough not to have an opinion; it is for such people that having opinion is not mandatory for survival. People who blindly or willingly follow others without even having the eagerness to do something new, should never even dare to do so as their efforts would be futile. People of that kind do not have the heart to challenge the authority. Ironically, you don't have to challenge the authority always or you need not have an opposing attitude always as positive things or good things might come easily. It has become a habit to doubt, if people get things easily or at a cheap price,they doubt the quality; this kind of attitude has been instilled in our minds by the ongoing events.

Once you start having an opinion and a right conscience then you will not have to follow anybody else's footsteps, you will be the creator of the path of your own destiny. You will be a self made man, people will always have time to question your beliefs as most of them are leading a mundane and robotic life-style. What would determine the rightness of your conscience? Things which you would be doing later in your life, whether those affect the society in a positive manner at large or not, the answer is as simple as that. Determination, self-belief, confidence and blessings from all those people around you, will be the fuel and once you are up to it, no one will be able to stop you.

Note: Sorry for being so late, I will be posting regularly. Thank you for being regular readers.

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