Friday, August 8, 2014

Internship turned out to be a nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Internship turned out to be a nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like every other engineer I too wanted to be a part of an internship program but my plans were different. I wanted to experience which is not a part of my field, I wanted to do something new and productive, I have a concept, might be a misconception that after completion of 2nd year of you are not ready to be an active part of a construction project or anything like that which will use civil engineers. This concept helped me move in my direction, I was told by many people not to take this step on the other hand many had encouraged as I was going to earn on my own.
Everything began in a very dramatic manner, I still miss that pumping adrenaline in me. A friend and I decided to leave for an interview just after our sem
ester exams were over and much to our disappointment we could not give the interviews as it was a Saturday. Our confidence was broken and all our plans were on the verge of extinction. My friend left for his training and I was unaware about that, he had told me that he was going for a holiday trip to the hills. I don’t like to be mundane rather I try to make things as interesting as possible so to break the boringness that had stuck my life I decided to give my plan another go. Without any further arguments and questions I left for Kolkata that night, never had I left for a place with such energy and passion for what is was supposed to do. I have not yet disclosed my plan, I was supposed to work in an international bpo, I found out numbers of various bpo’s from google and randomly started dialing and so I came through this bpo. As I entered the office I was just amazed, I could not believe my eyes, the office was so big. I had seen such office only in movies. I participated in the interview and I was just amazing, I am not trying to exaggerate. I had faced three rounds of interviews and all were just amazing.

The first step was completed very easily and I was very happy that the first interview of my life went so very well, but I was not going to make this as my career, I was just trying to be an intern over there and learn something new for which I was going to get paid, it was supposed to be fun because never had I earned 10k, it was my first opportunity. The next hurdle was to find a place to stay and on the verge of finding out rooms I came across many people, that was one hell of an experience. I realized that you can not expect help from those people whom you think are your friends, all my hopes were shattered when friend said on my face that I had to pay to stay at his place, all I had asked was for a place to stay for only a day or two, I got a reply “you have to pay 5k per month if you are willing to stay here”. That option was shut down. Again google came to my rescue, I found out rooms at dumdum at a relatively lower price. Without much querries I packed my bags and shifted to that place.
I began my training at the office thinking that everything will go well for the coming few months and so it was. I made few friends at the office and was really enjoying my stay in kolkata and was enjoying the training hours, it was really fun. We decided to mass bunk and so we did. I went home that Saturday and when I came back on the next Monday everything had changed. That day when I left for the training something happened which was really not supposed to happen. Our trainer scolded us that day and that was the main reason of all that was going to happen. That evening three people left the team and the next day two more people did not show up. All my plans were getting shattered. The company thought that we will also not continue so they tried to attract us by exciting offers and we planned to stay there until we get the first salary. We began working as we  planned.

We hit the floor and started calling for UK after 8 days of training. The real show seemed to be really tough, we were just playing in the nets so far but the real game was going to be very tough. I was performing well, we were 5 people who had started calling. After few days 3 people left and only two were left, 2 from 11, it was a great figure. They had promised to pay us on the first of the month but they did not pay and many other promises were broken. This was not all, the owner of the pg started to demand money every next day and that was really problematic. I was unable to take all the pressure and things were going from bad to worse.
Finally I decided not to work anymore after I get the first salary but that day never came. I left the pg where I was staying. I came back home and then again left for collecting my salary but unfortunately I did not get the salary as well.
The tried to call me and attract me but I was not going to fall prey to their trap again.

I gained a lot of experience but had faced a lot of loss.
I suggest people to learn how to judge people and not to go by the way they are talking to you because as I usually say “People are hypocrites”. People are sitting idle to cheat you so please try to think ten times before making a decision.

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...