Monday, December 15, 2014

Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high !

Only when your mind will be without fear your head will be held high, this world will always be ready to push you from heights which you will never expect. It is obvious to be afraid of anything or anyone but don't let that fear exploit you to that extent that you are no more capable of standing tall. Your fear will not only exploit you but your confidence, only to surpass the boundaries which you had created and then the fear will be so much mighty that it will be next to impossible to defeat it, keeping the head high will not even be an option.
A friend of mine had told me not to show a mirror to others' problems, rather try to find a way out, so here I am trying to give you a way out. The only way to be free is not to let parasites like fear breed inside you and break free from any kind of bindings. Typing the last sentence was easy but applying it practically is not that easy, one of the toughest nuts to crack.

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