Thursday, April 23, 2015

One man army !

This title very widely used by the Tollywood industry, but this is not a promotional blog of any Tollywood movie. Life is a collection of phases and most of us have to experience those. You come alone and you will have to depart alone, this universal truth is known by everyone be it a kid or a teenager. You are the leader of your life and you are the only one person responsible to rule it, the ultimate goal of life is to lead it properly. To do anything properly you don't need anybody's permission or company, all you need is a bag full of determination and faith.   

Life is unpredictable, all your plans might turn out to be futile and sometimes luck might lead you towards success. More unpredictable is the human nature, when it will swap sides, you will never ever know. One thing you should be sure about human nature is that you might be back stabbed anytime, so trusting a person blindly is strictly not encouraged. People will be ready to pull you down and hold you back. 

You have to keep only one thing in mind,"when no one is ready to go, you have to go solo", this is very famous extract,"JODI TOR DAAK SUUNE KEO NAA AASE, TOBE EKLA CHOLO RE", it is a very normal to get demotivated, and people will always try to demotivate you excluding a few and those few are not always around you. Now you have to decide whether you will search for that person in the midst of the people around you or be happy with yourself and your own confidence.

Once you decide to be happy, whatever the situation be, you will be equivalent to an army. All you have to do is be happy and remain happy whatever the situation be. A smile even in the toughest of times will bring discomfort to those who pray for your loss. One thing you should never do is ask for anybody's loss or pain.
Once you are free from any kind of expectation and emotion you will no longer complain about anything and nothing will affect you. You will be the master of your thoughts and all doors will be open for you. You will not need any key to unlock any kind of lock and no one will ever try to stop you. You will have to be least bothered about what one thinks and what one does behind you. This is the key ingredient to become a ONE MAN ARMY.

And now the story begins...

This year has taught me a lot of things and I have discovered a lot of me and I still think that much more is still left undiscovered. ...