Country is going to dogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is all chaotic out there, wherever you see you will find something messy. It has become a dirty web and we have all been entrapped. Students are being man-handled by the police and beaten up with lathis, girls are raped and there police is not doing anything. Police is taking action against students who are fighting for their rights. Its all gone off balance. Something should be done and should be done soon enough to stop this crisis. If no one is listening then we ought to make them hear, if they want to hear loud then we will shout and if want something even tougher, we will give them that. "A pen is mightier than a sword", we should keep that in mind, we are with you and I will keep on writing as we are a fraternity and we should stand together and we will. If they are going to bring back the 60's and the 70's then we will also show them that we too belong to the same race and we will not give up.

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