God did not create us, we created god !!!!!!!

Undoubtedly scientists have found out about our past with the help of fossils and other such evidences but they could not prove the existence of god. There has always been a rift between God and science, although it has been man made, science has nothing to do with this rift and neither does God have to do anything with it. The most important question is who created god, everything was created somewhere or the other but when and by whom was god created. Lets limit this discussion only within the hindu mythology, can anyone tell who created so many gods? I have a very simple theory, rather this is a theory of my friend. Earlier people used to worship the elements only, a group of people who were more clever than the other faction washed everybody's brain and created god. They said they will have to worship the gods and they were their messengers, so they will have to worship them too, in that way they started doing business. Not all people were businessmen like them, as if it was so the world would not be like this today. Great people like Prophet Mohammed, Guru Gobind Singh, Jesus Christ, Swami Vivekananda and many more, they spent their whole life preaching values for a good life, they also represented various religions but they never made money out of it. I would quote something from the movie OH MY GOD, "This world has got god fearing people, not god loving people", this is the reason some bastards are making money in the name of god. You fall prey to their cleverness and they take advantage of your miseries and they are turning into millionaires. This is a message to god, if you exist then please stop these bastards from making business using your name.  

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