How can you choose the right path ??????????????

Just imagine yourself in a situation when you have got four paths, rather options before you and you have got loads of time to linger. Will you waste all the time or will you wait for a silver-lining to help you out ? If you are lucky enough then God might send you his messenger to help you but it is no fairy tale my dear friend. If you are expecting that suddenly sun will dawn upon the right street, most probably you are good at animation then. How can one be so pessimistic? You might be thinking that, but I am not being a pessimist, I am just a realist. You have to blindly believe your confidence and step forward and in case it becomes too difficult to choose then no need to follow any of the paths, just make you own way and let others follow it. The world will discourage you, will even try to stop you but you can't be stranded by them.

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