Helping the needy !

Do you want to do something for the society and its development and help others? Then you are free to do it and you don't need anybody's permission before doing that ideal job. On your way of doing what you feel like, you will get many people and of many types. Optimism is one such ism which you will have to have in plenty as you will be surrounded by pessimists. Many will suggest you to take the help of someone powerful, but do you really think that one who will not understand your intention will be able to help you.
Neither you need anybody's permission nor anybody's support to help others, the only thing that you have to be is a person of will and should be able enough to invest yourself without taking the help of others. If anyone is willingly wanting to help you, you must not stop them as they too have the same intention and they are not doing any favor, they are just using you as a medium to help others.

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